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Rafał Krzysztof Ganowski's Law Office offers extensive legal services for both corporate clients and individuals. Please explore our website to familiarize yourself with our services.

The law office of barrister and attorney at law Rafal Krzysztof Ganowski ensures efficient and professional service in law, economics and organization, as well as continuing the traditional roles of a lawyer – representing individuals before a court or administrative tribunals. The law office provides services in Polish, English and German.


Rafał Krzysztof Ganowski

  • barrister attorney at law, graduate of law from the University of Wroclaw, Administrative Law and Economics;
  • scholarship recipient from the University of Regensburg;
  • participant of the School of German Law at the University of Wroclaw;
  • scholarship recipient from the President of the Minister’s Council for achievements in education, a member of the District Bar Council in Opole.

Knowledge of languages: Polish, English, and German.


Company formation

Its founder, Rafal Krzysztof Ganowski, is an advocate (barrister, attorney at law) authorized to represent clients in courts of general jurisdiction throughout Poland also to lodge special appeals to the Supreme Court and the Supreme Administrative Court, file constitutional complaints to the Constitutional Tribunal, and make applications to the European Court of Human Rights in Strasbourg.


Rafał Krzysztof Ganowski is qualified to practise as an advocate (barrister, attorney at law) and has been admitted to the bar by the District Bar Council in Opole.

Barrister and attorney at law, Rafal Krzysztof Ganowski is a member of the District Bar Council in Opole, which guarantees the highest standard in legal functions and duties, ethical professionalism, and especially ensures legal confidentially regardless of circumstance


The law office of barrister and attorney at law, Rafal Krzysztof Ganowski, is equipped with professional office infrastructure. The building in which the office is located is specially protected to ensure the safety of entrusted documents.

The law office has the latest telecommunication and office equipment. This allows for enhanced contact with clients, the ability to send documents electronically as well as ensuring the confidentially of transmitted documents.


We provide the following services to individual clients:

  • oral legal advice
  • representing clients in court
  • written legal opinions
  • participation in negotiations

Individual clients

Our law office offers foreign clients legal support as regards to Polish civil, commercial, and administrative law. Moreover, legal aid for individual clients includes representation in cases within the scope of:

  • criminal law
  • contract law
  • tort law
  • inheritance law
  • corporate and commercial law
  • family law
  • labour law

Business clients

We offer a wide range of specialized legal services for business clients. The following are some of the most frequently used services:

  • litigation
  • reviewing and drafting contracts
  • legal advice and opinions
  • company affairs

We also provide long-term regular legal services for businesses, on terms and conditions set out in a retainer (an agreement for the provision of such services).

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Barrister and attorney at law, Rafal Krzysztof Ganowski accepts
clients in the office from 9:00 to 16:00, Monday to Friday (by appointment only).

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Adw. Rafał Krzysztof Ganowski
45-368 Opole ul. Ozimska 48 nr lok 9

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